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Our Mission

Our mission is to showcase and sell artwork of non-commercial or home-based artist. Art does not limit to age and our artist can be anyone of any age who is passionate about art. We are happy to host all types of handmade and original work.

How We Work?

Our portal is free for artists, and we do not charge any fees for our artists. Artist can contact us through email or call on our mobile or simply WhatsApp us. Artists can share their artwork via email and we will host them on our website.

We encourage art lovers to support and encourage these talented people and help in saving those diminishing artforms.

Our Story

To Begin...Yes, like most of you, we are also working professionals with a passion to connect with people. This is our small effort to help and contribute to society….with a difference.

There are many homebased-artists with exceptional talent to showcase. This was evident to us, particularly in COVID times, where many artist started showcasing their innate talent. During lockdown, we, the bunch of friends envisioned an idea of promoting home artist, thus help this talent by providing a platform.

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